Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wisdom Wednesday : First Installment !

' Some people dance in the rain , and others just get wet'

Today I am going to share with you a very important lesson that I have learnt in my  short time here on earth . That lesson is that you absolutely must see the good in every situation , otherwise you will end up leading a very unhappy life.

I know it's hard to keep a positive attitude  when you sleep through your alarm clock , consequently miss the bus , end up walking and get absolutely soaked by a muddy puddle that is driven through by a rather arrogant man in a shiny BMW. Yes , those things have happened to me ( apart from the bus , I choose to walk anyway).  But despite all of the bad aspects of that situation , there is always a positive. At least one , no matter what. For example , sleeping through my alarm clock meant that I got plenty of sleep and therefore , because I was not feeling tired, I could work even harder and make an extra effort that day. It's hard to see the good , but I can promise you , it is always there. And I never , ever break a promise.

When ever something bad happens to you , write a list of the bad aspects , and then counter them with a positive/positives. Say, for example , that your grandmother had been slowly dying of a painful disease for a while, and had finally passed away. That is a horribly sad situation , and you have every right to grieve . However , your grandmother is no longer in pain , and her suffering is over. That is a positive aspect of the situation.

If you look at the world with these eyes , then hopefully you'll start to see the flowers more than the weeds.

Thank you for listening to my little bit of wisdom , enjoy your evening !

Peace , Love and Pancakes


♥ ♫ :)


Ps: My scanner is STILL not working , and as tomorrow is 'Things that inspire me Thursday' , I will post the Vogue Summary on Friday instead of last Sunday as planned. I'm really sorry !

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