Friday, 16 September 2011

Specials , Features and Segments : Exciting Stuff !

5 days. Do you know the significance of that? I'll tell you. It has been 5 days since I last posted on here , and for that , I am eternally sorry. But instead of constantly giving you my condolences , I am going to get my butt in to gear and become a better blogger . So with that , we continue .

First of all , I'd like to inform you of some 'segments' that I am going to be introducing to 'The Girl In The Tree'. The first Segment is called ' Moosiah's Magical Monday' , and not surprisingly , it will occur every Monday. This segment will be a mixture of magical and enchanting things that I have come across in my adventures on earth . An eclectic mix , I'm sure , but the more eccentric the better.
       The Second Segment , ' Wisdom Wednesday' is a collection of thoughts ,theories, quotes , mantras and little bits of knowledge. Everything ( Most things , a lot of things , some things) that I learn along life's path , I will share with you. Join me in my quest for knowledge ! .
They are the only segments for now , but I may add more at a later date , who knows ?

Another thing that I will be starting is monthly features . My Features include :

A monthly Summary of British Vogue
A monthly How to
A recipe of the month
A quote of the month
A photo of the month.
A monthly review of something.
A monthly photo album

How many times can I use the word monthly in one blog post? ( Don't answer that )

I may add more of these as well.

Also , I will be labelling all of my posts in to groups from now on , so you can easily sort through posts to find things that you actually want to read , because not everyone will like every article I write .

Finally , every so often I will do a huge article extravaganza that takes ages to write and can be on a variety of topics.

So , to set the ball rolling , my first special  is .....

' How To Throw A Magnificent Masquerade Ball '

I am not actually going to post this today , you'll have to wait 'til tomorrow my lovelies. In fact , I'm not even going to post it in one go . No, instead , I will post it in 9 chapters , each focusing on one aspect of this special. Here is an outline :

©       Choosing a Theme
©       Selecting a venue
©       Finding and making the decorations
©       Inviting Guests
©       Buying or making your costume
©       Buying or making the mask
©       Choosing and sourcing the activities
©       Choosing the food
©       Extra Details

So tomorrow , I will post an article on choosing the theme for your ball.

Until then , farewell !
 Peace, Love and Purple Daisies ( Do they exist? If they don't , even better !)
♥ ♫ :)


Ps : I strongly apologise if there is ever any grammar or spelling mistakes in my posts. I do try my absolute best , but despite my best efforts , I am still rather pants ( favourite adjective  !) at spelling , grammar and other such things. Please do notify me if you experience any horrific crimes against grammar , and I will do my time by hauling through blog archives and changing them .

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