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Vogue Summary : Finally !

I'm really sorry to say that my scanner is STILL not working. Damn technology. So unfortunately , this post will not contain any pictures. However , if indeed my scanner endeavours to work in the near future, I will upload the pictures that were intended to be in here. For now , you'll just have to use your imagination. Alternatively , I'm sure some of the Ad's I refer to will be on Google images.

Anyway , here is the long awaited summary ( the quality of writing isn't even worth the wait) :

This years’ September Issue has to be one of my favourites in terms of Ads, since the time I started taking an interest in fashion, and consequently started reading Vogue. The main reason that it was my favourite was because it’s the first time I have ever seen an Alexander McQueen Ad in Vogue. There may well have been one before, but I must have forgotten or missed it because I was terribly surprised to come across one this year. Before surprise, came excitement. After several pages of rather similar ads, this one was different, more dramatic, and more imaginative. So as I turned the page, a smile spread across my face. That smile enlarged when I glanced down to see that it was in fact a McQueen Ad.
       For those of you who don’t know , Alexander McQueen is one of my idols , and one of my three  absolute favourite Fashion Designers, the other two being Coco Chanel  and Guo Pei respectively. I dream about his garments, and his shows. Alexander McQueen’s shows were what really inspired me to chase my dreams of working in Fashion, and they still do, even after his death. I once wrote a small essay on McQueen, for history homework once. We had to choose a person, event or thing from the 20th century that had changed history, and I chose McQueen. I will post it on here one day.
       Apologies for that small digression, I will return to my point. So , as I was saying , it was really refreshing to see an Alexander McQueen Ad in Vogue , whoever was responsible for that deserves recognition .On the topic of Ads , I would also like to say I am a big fan of the Mulberry Ad that I viewed in September Vogue , like the McQueen , it was a refreshing change .  Chanel did not disappoint, it never does. The Dress in the Bottega Veneta was beautiful. I liked the power, drama and moodiness in the Versace Ad. I Loved the Miu Miu Ad. A staircase littered with shoes? Sounds a bit like my future house! It was Lovely to see a Topshop Ad in Vogue. They’ve been in Vogue for a while now, but it still makes me happy to see that High Fashion and High Street can overlap, and the former is becoming increasingly accessible. The Girl in the Jigsaw Ad made me laugh. If she wasn’t blonde, then she would look exactly like me. Not in terms of her facial features, but more in terms of her facial expression, and of course, what she was wearing.
           The Editors Letter highlighted the fact that the Vogue magazine is no longer the place to turn from breaking fashion news, due to all of the new communication methods and technological advancements such as twitter, facebook, smart phones and even the Vogue website (my homepage). However, Alexandra Shulman did point out that Fashion photography is still one of the best ways of illuminating the trends of the current season. It’s all fine and dandy writing about Fashion, but sometimes you have to see it, and feel it, to really understand it. Too many ‘it’s in that sentence, my apologies.
            Back to Ads. For the first time in quite possibly my whole life, I stuck a ‘Post it’ on a Calvin klien Ad. Please don’t misunderstand me , I have absolutely nothing against Calvin Klein , but I am more inclined to dramatic , extravagant , unique Fashion. Calvin Klein is usually a bit too simple for my liking, but I actually really liked this photo. Sometimes, simplicity is the epitome of elegance. Chloé was beautiful, I Love the soft colours and light fabrics. I also Love the fact that it is seemingly shot in an enchanted forest, and being a Lover of forests and enchantment, it was wonderful. After all, this blog is called ‘The Girl in the Tree’.
      For the same reason that I’m not usually a Calvin Klein fanatic, I’m not particularly inclined to Céline. However, I was once again surprised to find that I really liked this picture from their Ad. I can’t explain why, but I really did enjoy looking at it. Roberto Cavalli really outdid themselves. Beautiful, Bold, Powerful Autumnal colours, with richly patterned clothes. Perfection.
There was a really interesting piece on Brit Marling. I haven’t seen any of her movies, but I am now really interested in doing so, thanks to this article. The culture section of Vogue never fails to provide me with new things to do, watch, see, eat etc. The memoir ‘Wilder Shores’, by Olivia Wilde was also very interesting. Definitely worth a read. It also reminded me of the horror that was the Haiti earthquake. , and how they still desperately need our help.
I was very pleased to read that oversize knits are making their way back in to Fashion. To be honest, I don’t think they ever went out of Fashion. But they are a personal favourite of mine; in fact I am wearing one as a sit and write this. I got it for £20 in a beautiful boutique in my hometown, called Olive. It is quite possibly myself in shop form; I visit it every weekend and am completely head over heels in Love with it. The clothes are extrodinary, and the decor is quite simply amazing. They have vintage Underwood typewriters and vintage singer sewing machines dotted around, along with an assortment of old radios, bicycles and antique furniture. Like I said, it’s me in shop form. When their website is up I will definitely link it on here. I may even do a special on them one day, who k
More Ads: I Loved the Leon Max Ad; it screamed crazy demented Victorian to me, which is exactly why I liked it. Just my cup of tea.
‘Oh Lola!’ – Oh Marc! He really has outdone himself this time, and it was brilliant choice to use the beautiful and talented Dakota Fanning. I loved the dress she was wearing, and once I get the chance to smell it, I’m sure I will Love the perfume she was holding. The Caroline Charles Ad was classic and brilliant. She has a store in my hometown actually, so I may have to pop in and have a look.BCBG Max Azria. Usually, I detest the colour yellow, but I really loved that Dress. It complimented her hair wonderfully. I apologise for always referring to the models as ‘She’ and ‘Her’, their names are only ever displayed if it is a big name model. The page about Richard Nicoll and Vodafone made me wish I’d never switched to virgin, but oh well.
‘Precious Metal’ was a Lovely editorial, but only two pages long? They were really stunning and well taken photographs, and it was a shame that there wasn’t more of them.
        My favourite section of the issue was ‘Master Class’, photographed by the wonderful Mario Testino. I posted a small extract from the editorial a while ago, and more pictures are available below. As I mentioned earlier, I am a huge fan of Coco Chanel and Alexander McQueen. This editorial, in my opinion, was a combination of the two, which as you can imagine, absolutely delighted me. Normally, I would say that McQueen and Chanel are other ends of the spectrum (I’ve posted a comparison picture of their Ads below), but somehow they joined together. Of course, none of the pieces were from those to fashion houses, with the exception of a few McQueen pieces. The first one, my favourite, was actually a Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton. The silhouette is absolutely beautiful, I’ve dreamt about it several times since seeing it. Marc Jacobs is a brilliant man, who frequently dispels the notion that American Fashion can’t keep up with European. Yes, American Fashion is very different, and ¾ of the Fashion Capitals are European, but Mr Jacobs, along with Tom Ford, show the world just how beautiful, imaginative, and timeless American fashion can be. By the way, who’s excited about Tom Ford showing at London Fashion Week? I am!              
         Anyway, I really didn’t like ‘The Beat Goes ON’. I am a very feminine person, so although I understand and admire the masculine style displayed in that editorial, I wasn’t particularly fond of it. The same goes for ‘Cultured Clash’. I Love clothes clashing, mismatched clothes are something I frequent, however I wasn’t particularly fond of the clothes I saw here. The only expectations were the Loewe printed silk shirt and skirt (£875 and £1,125), on the penultimate page, and   the sportmax embroidered silk-chiffon blouse (£390) and embroidered silk-chiffon skirt (£395). That whole outfit was actually quite agreeable, especially compared to the rest.
        ‘The Turbulent Life of John Galliano’, was an interesting insight in to the life of a very peculiar man. I still not sure what I make of him, but I do know that the article was incredibly well written and Charlotte Sinclair should be commended.
I Love, Love LOVED. ‘Light work’. An avid collector of all things that sparkle, this was my perfect editorial. There were some beautiful pieces, my particular favourites being the Christopher Kane clutch (£550) on the second page , the metallic leather topshop top (£58 – it was very refreshing to see a 2 digit sum in Vogue ), Nicole Farhi sequined skirt ( absolutely gorgeous £1,900), the Nicole Farhi silk dress ( £490 ) with a Marc Jacobs white collar ( £390 – For a collar? Ridiculous!), and finally, the Moschino laminated cashmere sweater dress (£760). All scintillatingly beautiful clothes, as you will see in the pictures. I would like to say that I think Anja Rubik did a brilliant job.
The story ‘Shoot from the Hip’ about David Bailey and Jean shrimpton was very interesting, worth a read. Or two. ‘First Lady of Cool’ an insight in to the life of J crew creative director, Jenna Lyons was very interesting. I really Love her home, it reminds me a bit of the places I see in my dreams, and also of my bedroom. I Love the way she has Shoes in the fireplace of her dressing room.
‘Super Size Me’ – some very interesting photos, when the scanner is working , I will show you my favourite one. Oversized clothes are a must have for chilly British Winters .
  I only had a brief look through the beauty section, I don’t generally wear make-up (except red lipstick), and so never really have an interest in looking at it.  And finally , I haven’t yet trawled through the back pages of Vogue ( Lazy , I know) , but I will do in the near future ,and I will let you know if there are any small brands worth taking a look at.
Until then,
Peace, Love and Picket Fences

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