Friday, 26 August 2011

Disney jewellery and Self Potraits

Okay , first and foremost , I've been very very (very) slack at posting on here. It's been a month and I've only made two posts. It is my week-end resolution to start making more regular posts . So , here we go ....

I am completely in Love with Disney Couture jewellery at the moment. As an Ex-Disney Child it is the perfect way to recconect with an important part of my childhood ,in a stylish way. Disney Couture jewllery is available at many online retailers , including one odf my favourite online stores , asos . Here are a few of my favourite pieces from :

Disney Couture  Have Faith In Your Dreams  Enamel Bangle  

Disney Couture Have Faith In Your Dreams Enamel Bangle - £28 ( It comes in pink AND black ! )

Disney Couture 14ct Gold Plate  Believe  Tink Necklace

Disney Couture 14ct Gold Plate Believe Tink Necklace - £24.50

Disney Couture Gold Tone 'Fantasy' Ring

Disney Couture Gold Tone 'Fantasy' Ring  - £22 ( feeding my ring obsession ... )

There are loads more brillaint and beautiful pieces , follow this link  and check them out!

Next up ' How to perfect your self-potrait'

Do you ever look at someone's profile picture and wonder ' How did they get the photo to look so good?'. Well the answer is , it's all about angles. Finding the right angle for your face is the best thing you can do to improve self-potrait photos. Why not experiment , try out a variety of shots? This way you're sure to find one that suits you . Some people look best from straight on ( I'm certainly not one of them ) , but look pants in a profile shot. Others can take beautiful photos from the side , but face on they look like a moneky who swallowed a gobstopper. For example, I look best slightly turned to the side with my head at an angle , so I pose like that in most photos :

But from the front , I look like a nincompoop:

There is a brilliant guide to improving self-potraits on 'A Brilliant Mess ' ( which by the way , is an awesome website ) , go take a look here.

If you have any tips and suggestions of your own email me at

Good Luck and Happy Photo Taking !

Peace , Love and Cheerleading Uniforms ,

♥ ♫ :)

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